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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 20, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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a quick release and he just retired. who am i talking about? >> must be dan marino. >> he'll be here tomorrow. >> our favorite dolphin, this side of flipper. >> it's going to be great. >> see you tomorrow, everybody. bill: what appears to be a new proper began today video showing two japanese hostages kneeling before a knife-wielding terrorist. plar there are reports isis -- martha: there are reports isis have killed 13 teenage boys for:reportedly watching a soccer match. more on that story coming up.
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bill: president obama set to address the nation for his 6th state of the union and the centerpiece of that address raising taxes on america's rich. that will draw a fine the sand with republicans. martha: i'm martha maccallum. the critics say tonight's speech will be more about politics than actually setting an agenda and atmosphere that might be realistic about getting things done with congress. he's expected to make a push for income equality. republicans are saying that that is for them a non-starter. >> the president is trying to tune up his version of that old bj thomas "somebody done somebody wrong song."
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it's always somebody else's fault. the american people aren't listen together it they don't agree. bill: he will be pushing his plan for free community college and extending sick leave. martha: freed american hostage allen gross will be the guest. bill: will the president finally use the term islamic extremism? bill: josh, first on these ideas for americans. why is the middle class still in need of so much help? >> we saw the middle class were hit the worst by the economic downturn. we have made tremendous progress in the economy. we have seen the strongest
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growth that we have seen in a decade. the focus is policies that will benefit the middle class. bill: tino a lot of people -- i know a lot of people wants this to happen. but the president is going into his 7th year in office. how much time does he need? >> we saved off a second grade depression. we pulled ourselves out of that hole thanks to the grit and determination of the american workers answer american entrepreneurs. but what we have seen for more than a generation are broader trends where people at the top of the income scale are doing better than the middle class. take a look at our tax policy. we can raise the capital gains rates back to the level it was under president reagan and make sure kids can go to college and
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mom and dad can get an extra tax credit. bill: you know these tax ideas are not going get through a republican-led congress. so what's the point? >> this is an opportunity for the president of the united states at the state of the union address before the country on live television and before the congress to lay out his vision for how he can move the country forward. if there are areas where they can disagree, they are welcome to say so. they can shirt make that case. bill: you know what the signal has been already. if everybody wants to move the country forward this is not the idea that will make it work. >> it is an idea that will work. republicans are saying they oppose it. that's the reason we are not putting in place this idea. this is part of the debate and one we are happy to have. bill: if you read anything out
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of the washington in the last 24 hours they say the speech is not about governing today it's about governing in 2016. >> i don't. the president is not on the ballot in 2016. the president is putting forward ideas how to grow our middle class. it's middle class economics. we have gotten in place some of these policies. we put together the recovery act focused on the middle class. some of those policies have already benefit our economy. it's one of the reasons our economy is showing such resilience. it's all the more reason to continue that strategy and approach to strengthen our economy for the next generation. bill: will we hear islamic extremism?
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>> you will hear from the president a continued explanation of the strategy we have been pursuing to keep the country safe. there is no question one of the chief threats we face if not the chief threat is from extremists across the globe who in the name of islam try to carry out acts of violence and our interests and allies around the globe. the president is keenly away of that threat. bill: so in the name of islam. this president is not prepared to go to islamic extremism. >> the white house is clear that the world is not at war with islam. the world is pat war with individuals who in the name of islam try to carry out acts of extremism. there are muslim pilots fighting
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with the u.s. carrying out airstrikes on isis. bill: call it what you will. when it comes to islamic extremism. how will you beat isis? >> the president laid out a clear strategy for how to do this. the place where that starts is by building an international coalition that has more than 60 countries, include something muslim majority countries carrying out military strikes side by side to degrade and destroy them. but we also have a strategy that involves sanctions and trying to choke to the source of funding that isil is using to carry out acts of violence and to take over population centers in syria and iraq. we are also working with the international community to train moderate syrian opposition
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fighters in the region including saudi arabia. bill: i think you would agree it cannot happen soon enough. josh i'm out of time. josh earnest on the front lawn. here is martha with more on this. martha: we have chris stirewalt. we injured heard in the words of josh ernest, let's start with the terrorism issue. there is a lot of indications isis isil, the islamic state they are gang ground in the face of the action we have taken against them. they are not diminishing degrading and they are not destroyed. what do you expect we'll hear from the president on that front in answer to that question? >> we have reports that russia
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and iran have entered a military alliance, we have more evidence that the situation in that region is degrading. more concern about instability and the potential for bad actors to take advantage of an already dire situation. remember, even as the president has seen an upflick his overall job approval rating -- an uptick in his overall job approval eighthing he's lagging in foreign policy. we have seen concern about islamic militantssy and terrorism but we probably won't hear a lot about it from the president. martha: that will be weird chris because it's very top of mind for americans. when you look at the polls you just cite. people are worried about terrorism and attacks like the
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ones when saw in paris. i think a lot of people will think that's odd. >> the speech is not for them. this is not a speech for the country or the congress. this is in many ways a speech from the president to his party and what he hopes the future will be. the establishment media narrative out there very strong s on the rebound, he's coming back. his polling numbers are coming up gals is cheap things are good and the president has his mojo back. but even his greatest defender would say none of the policies in the speech will go anywhere but that it's not going to happen. what's the point of the speech? this is ringing out. you hear it from the president's supporters, this is the legacy and the redistribution, the robin hood approach to domestic
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economic policy. so it's not about the listeners at home, it's about his legacy. bill: first coverage and analysis of the state of the union address with bret baier. senators ted cruz, rand paul will both be live with a retook the president's speech. it will be a big night. we'll see it go down right here. martha: there has been moaning and groaning after mitt romney confirmed he was exploring a run for the white house. new polls show a dinlt picture and what they think of a run by mitt romney. a bomb threat forcing the -- force the evacuation of two air
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pleants. the connection of those two jets in one of our nation's biggest' airports coming up. >> someone came out and said there has been a bomb threat on the plane we need to deplane. you can take nothing with you which was a very kind of pit in the stomach moment.
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martha: a major headache or passengers after two delta flights were evacuated after bomb threats. passengers got off the planes and had to leave all their stuff behind. police are looking for the caller who phoned in that threat. bill: are there new signs republican voters may be on board with the idea of mitt romney running a third time. 37% of -- 27% of republican voters think that's a good idea compared to 19% for jeb bush. >> let's put the disclaimer. polls at this point don't mean so many. this will be a highly volatile
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race. but what i see in these numbers is this. 52% have a positive opinion. 52% have a positive opinion of mitt romney. 53 per don't think they know enough to formulate an opinion about him running for president. jeb bush has a 37% favorable and 38% say they don't think they have enough information to formulate an opinion. both of these men start in a positive position but they have room to grow and the quality of their campaign will matter enormously. you compare these number to the last similar rating in the "wall street journal" poll, the number of people undecided has grown. the number of people who feel undecided has grown. and the number of undecideds for romney went from 27 to 33 and
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for jeb 44 to 48. so an interesting dynamic people got a little bit more hesitant. bill: nick the same poll, look where she checks in. she is 45% positive. why would that be now? >> that's among all voters. if you look inside the first hurdle she is 85-11. the first numbers i gave you were for jeb and mitt, and for hillary the number is much better. the numbers are necessarily low among all voters for everybody because people are not that clued in on the general election. its many the partisans on either side starting to form their opinions. bill: jason chaffetz talking
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about mitt romney. >> i think the public has buyer's remorse. i think they know mitt was right and barack obama was wrong. there is nobody better than mitt romney on the economy. bill: buyer's remorse? >> i think there is some of that. but there is a cautionary note. they say he was right particularly about foreign policy and i think he would have done and better job the last two years than obama has done. but romney ought to keep his focus firmly on the future. he can't make this cam fang one where the principle message is you owe it to me because i was right. bill: you wrote in the "wall street journal" the contest is probably one of the most volatile americans have ever
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seen. you are probably right. martha: six members of one family are mission at this hour. this multi million dollar mansion has gone up in flames. bill: an overpass collapsing on a major interests state. we are live there to find out how this happened. >> the whole house went. >> it was very scary. i didn't know what was going on. ♪ edward jones. with nearly 7 million investors oh hey, neill, how are you? you'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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bill: six people mission after a huge house fire in maryland including a cyber security executive, his wife and four of their grand children. the search for victims may not start for another day.
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claims shot out of a 16,000 square foot home on the water in annapolis. >> very family oriented. they are from the baltimore area. big ravens fans. big orioles fans. their pool table was orange. very, very nice people. >> reporter: neighbors said they left teddy bears and flowers near the front gate. authorities say so far there is no sign of foul play. martha: a deadly accidents shutting down a major interstate in the the ohio. it killed a construction worker and sent a semi truck driver to the hospital. people in nearby homes say they could feel the ground shaking underneath them. >> i was in the kitchen cleaning up and we heard a big loud noise
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and the building shook. i thought maybe somebody had ridden into a house with a car. we ran outside and saw the bridge collapsed on top of the semi truck. martha: police cars and ambulances everywhere. megyn o'rourke is live at the scene. what kinds of work was being done on this overpass? >> reporter: this was an older overpass that was in from the sells of being taken down as part of a highway widening project. the highway department of transportation announced plans to take it down throughout the week. last night was supposed to be the first night for the closures. but this collapse happened even before those closures began. it appears crew offed may have been doing to prep work at the time. people in the area said they may have heard jack hammers prior to
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that collapse. that's something investigators will be looking into. also if there is anything else that may have affected the integrity on that structure. the last time this bridge was inspected was in 2011 and got a score of 84 out of 100 and was deemed in quote descent -- quote descent decents shape. martha: president obama ready to lay out his plan to tax the rich to spread the wealth. it has no chance of passing song according to republicans so why is it being row posed?
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a fair and balanced familiar coming up right after this.
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washington, d.c. to a list of cities he plans to visit during this detroit u.s. the pope is planning a stop in philadelphia. preparations for tonight's state of the union address. president obama expected to outline a new agenda including a plan for tax increases for some. i'll talk to josh earnest about that saw moments ago at the top' our program. you know these tax ideas are not going get through a republican-led congress. so what's the point? >> this is an opportunity for the president of the united states before the country on live television and before the congress to lay out his ideas and his vision for how to move the country forward. if republicans have different ideas, they are welcome to say so. martha: marjorie clifton is a form consultant to the obama campaign and rich lowry is a fox
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news country biewptor. they say they haven't heard any ideas from republicans and they are ready to hear them. >> if they haven't heard them they haven't been listening and they will hear more as legislation moves through the house and now through the senate unless harry reid filibusters it which he will try to do. i am going go out on a limb and say this will be the most dull state of the union perhaps ever. we heard over the past two weeks all the proposals and they are small ball proposals and they won't go anywhere. so there is no point to it except to boost the president's poll numbers. martha: that's no reason not to tune in. the analysis afterwards will be fascinating. >> it will be incredible. martha: what do you make of this, small ball the president already rolled out. why would he want to use his time that way? >> i think it will be an
6:33 am
opportunity to highlight the high points to the jobs numbers, the economy things going well in the country. this is all about his legacy gearing up for the 2016 elections and looking what the do democrats want to stand for. this will be more about ideology for the party. the disparity between the upper and middle class and how are we dealing with the debt the country is carrying. martha: we are talking about $132 billion in increased spending without talking about tax cuts. i haven't heard anything about cutting spending to get to that number. >> i would say less cutting and more subsidies. it's tax on the ultra relationship and part of that will go toward some of the programs in place dealing with middle and lower income brackets that go into debt. it's two side of the same coin but it's all about how do we
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address debt and what is the statement democrats want to make about the disparity between rich and poor in this country. martha: it seems to me we are not going to get a state of the union address. it sounds like we are going to get a 201 campaign. >> he will hit on some the high points to, the good news, and the economy is ticking up and looking better though a lot of people aren't feeling it yet and he will set out proposals that he will campaign on. and it will set the table for 2016. i think despite all the talk we heard about republicans and president obama cooperating there will be nobody that. both side will be setting the fight for 20 of. if republicans can win that they
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will get control of government and most ball. otherswise we are looking at gridlock going forward. martha: islamic extremism is so much on people's mind. i know allen gross will be sitting there with michelle obama. i wonder if there will be any word on the plight. >> for us it's islammic extreamism weighing heavily. the visual and the optics will, have we done to address terrorism and a policy to solve it. we are going to look at root causes. we can't just go hand to hand with every situation. given the rights we are seeing, how do we get to the core of the
6:36 am
problem. >> which is radical islam. it's one thing they won't say. i feel sorry for josh earnest he's given the task of basically talking about the germany in the 1930s and 1940s without sayingsay -- without saying nazism. isis is actually gaining test within syria. this has been a signature failure for this administration. martha: the president i would hope would address what the strategy is to turn that situation around. in a realistic manner. i want to go back to the economy with both of you. here is a poll that's for your family comes it feel like the
6:37 am
recession is over. 64 per se they think we are still in a recession. that's a large number. would you describe the country as strong and confident? i think we might see some under pinning in the security question. 64% say no. what do you think the president will say to turn these things around? >> i think it's reminding us of the successes and where we have come. when we see the economy bettering it takes time to catch up with our pocketbooks. we have to have a sustained period of heightened economy before we start to feel it. but bringing the unity back. republicans and democrats are talking about the fact we are invested in cooperating. invested in solving these problems together and we are seeing the same disenchantment' we have seen over the course of the last 8 years around the
6:38 am
dispair it between republicans and democrats. focusing on the highlights, the economy, the jobs numbers. how are we going to solve issues of islam. people do come together around that. the heartache we feel for france, australia and some of these situations. that's what he needs to do tonight. >> i think the poll numbers go to two key failing on the president's own terms. he wanted to restore strength in government and strengthen the middle class. the middle class has eroded and it has taken a beating. martha: thank you very much, guys. see you later. bill: breaking news. rebels in the yemen seized the presidential palace in sana'a. it's the biggest challenge to the u.s.-backed president going back to september.
6:39 am
the fighting the latest example of the instability in that poverty-ridden country that has become a breeding ground for terrorists. the two brothers who attacked the newspaper in paris last week said they were backed by al qaeda in gemmen. >> the man credited with rescuing the only american that survived a taliban ambush in 2005. three other navy seals were killed that day. the story was mane into the story "lone survivor." >> why do you help me? do you help me? can i trust you? bill: the afghan * says he has
6:40 am
received death threats since the film came out. what a story what a film, good luck. martha: congress bucking president obama and moving forward with sanctions on iran even after the commander-in-chief warned doing so could lead to war. bill: after a deadly movie theater massacre in colorado, the trial for the accused gunman starts today. 9,000 potential jurors have been summoned only 12 will determine his fate.
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unresumey mob starts fighting. leaders debate a new constitution in nepal. chairs and shoes were thrown. the fighting erupted after maoist lawmakers tried to stop a proposal foo to change the constitution. bill: rebels in yemen seized the presidential palace in the capital city. it's become a breeding ground for terrorists. john bolton, former u.s. am balances doer to the u.n. this is a big deal when you look at the history of yemen. >> yemen has essentially fallen
6:45 am
apart as a country. they are more aligned with iran and sunni muslims. they are largely a separate sect. in an anin an anarchy situation this disintegration of the yemeni government and jar and iraq confirms the danger of these as breeding grounds for terrorists. bill: there are several dozen detainees at get know that claim yenl as their home and and are soon to be released from guantanamo bay. >> i don't think the president is serious about security. i think he's determined to close
6:46 am
gitmo. i think he's make the country less and less safe by conscious deliberate policy. bill: he wants to close gitmo an wants to do it within two years. he wants more time. here is the iranian negotiator when it comes to that. >> it's too soon to say if we are able to make any progress. we are trying to bridge the gaps between the two sides. bill: the iranians are buying time. it appears this administration is doing the same thing. so what happens here? >> i think there will be a deal because the administration is desperate for a deal. if iran signs what's on the table right now they would have a wonderful d but the longer the negotiations go on the better off they are. time always works on the side of the nuclear proliferator.
6:47 am
negotiations have been going on for 12 years. they are happy in tehran to watch the economic sanctions continue to collapse. all the while they make progress on their nuclear and ballistic programs. bill: congress is moving forward on this. the jerusalem post, they will release a deal that would trigger sanctions if talks fail to reach an agreement. >> that's all barack obama himself has said. that's the only threat on the table. this is a weak piece of legislation. when the president says if congress goes ahead with that lit cause the negotiations to break down. he's confirming how fragile this agreement is and how likely it is iran will violate it probably with impunity.
6:48 am
the president warns of war if congress goes ahead. nobody believes that because nobody believes this president will use force against the menace of iran's capabilities. >> you said this administration wants to get a deal and it will get a deal. what does that deal look like? if these senators are not happy with it, they will go forward with sanctions. >> i think the president wants a deal because he believes iran's nuclear flap many respects is a response to the united states. if he gives them what they want, protection against american sanctions and military force, if he recognizes the ayatollahs as the legitimate government. he goes to he tran which is a glint in his eye. he thinks these measures of goodwill will calm the leadership down and they will give up their nuclear program. this is a complete illusion. >> we talked about this now for
6:49 am
years. i'm convinced you are convinced iran is going nuclear. do you still think that? >> they are not rushing to build one or two nuclear weapons. they are build ago broad and deep nuclear infrastructure. it covers all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle and they are contents to do it at their leisure because they don't fear the united states. the biggest pressure hon rwanda is the collapse of oil prices. it has nothing to do with economic sanctions. the only thing they are afraid of now is an israeli strike and barack obama is doing everything he can to stop israel from doing that. it looks clear sailing ahead. bill: we'll see how it comes up tonight. billp march already a sheet of ice sending a semi spinning out of control on a major highway.
6:50 am
that's unbelievable. we'll tell you what happened. bill: how do you pull out the camera when that's going on. we'll tell you about the record-setting jury pool in colorado and the victims' families that have to to relive that horrible night. hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know.
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martha: that's the police chatter and it brings you back to the massacre at the colorado movie theater. now the trial for james holmes is set to get underway. now what's believed to be the largest jury pool in u.s. history is gathered. do we know why this is such a large pool? >> reporter: the judge who preside or this case said because it's such a high profile death penalty case he had to cast a wide net. he also denied a defense motion for a change of venue in part due to the logistical nightmare it would create.
6:55 am
it's estimated one in 50 residents in the arapahoe county received one. potential winds necessaries more than a dozen have already been excused due to their connection to the case. look at the number of sum nons in this case versus other high-profile trials. the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev has a pool of 3,000. >> reporter: all jurors come in with biases. the idea is to ask questions that can root out those biases. report rrl to make this jury, each person must be considered what they call death qualified. that means they are willing to impose the death sentence. the journal has five months mark the not you his calendar for this phase alone.
6:56 am
the days will be divide in two. in the morning groups 250 suspected jurors will fill out an extensive question air. in the afternoon a new group. a jury of 12 plus 12 alternates will decide if james holmes was insane at the time of the crime like the defense says. today there is a motion and the jury selection gets underway. >> there is a race against the clock as isis terrorists threat on kill two japanese hostages unless they are paid a huge amount of money. martha: you heard from the white house press secretary on what to expect from the state of the union address. the republican response next.
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. .
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>> chilling new video released by isis threatening the lives of
7:00 am
two japanese captives. here we go again with another one of these horrible pictures with these two men in an awful awful situation and they are demanding a huge cash ransom for these two men. they say they will kill the hostage unless they get their money within 72 hours. welcome to hour two of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. the ransom demand, $200 million. the ultimatum coming as we learn of another brutal atrocity at hands of isis. reports of 13 teenagers in iraq reportedly lined up and shot dead for the crime of watching a soccer game on television. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live on this. jennifer, good morning. what do we know about the 13 teenage boys, first? >> reporter: very little information at this point. they were reportedly watching a game where iraq beat jordan 1-0 in australia. isis fighters claim that was against islamic sharia law.
7:01 am
comes on the heels of new threats by isis to kill these two japanese hostages in the next 72 hours unless the government of japan pays $200 million in ransom. the $200 million figure is double the amount that the japanese government donated to the coalition efforts to combat isis. the men being held set up a online business to provide security in war zones and a freelance individualing grapher. -- videographer. japan's prime minister issued a statement in the middle east. quote, i women take the lead and as a whole the japanese government will deal with this case putting people's lives first. the hostage-taker wielding the knife sound like same british man in videos where james foley and others were beheaded. bill: jennifer, thanks for keeping us updated.
7:02 am
>> state of the union address he highlights the president's success as he push as laundry list of new successes. white house press secretary josh earnest explained the dramatic agenda and including tax hikes that would target the rich. >> what we've seen more than a generation are broader trends where people at the top of the income scale are doing much better than those in the middle class. so the president thinks this is a good opportunity for to us take a look at our tax policies. we can close the trust fund loophole. we can raise the capital gains rate back when it was under president reagan and use the revenue to make sure middle class kids can go to college. working families and mom and dad get extra tax credit to afford child care. martha: talk about that from the republican side. republican national committee chairman reince priebus. good morning, nice to have you back. >> good morning martha. martha: you heard what josh ernest had to say and he talked about income inequality and what
7:03 am
needed to be do an to fix that which includes $320 billion of raising taxes over next 10 years. what will the republican response, will we hear from joni ernst specifically on that idea? >> well, first of all the obama narrative is the decline of the middle class. if you looked at his record over the last six years, regardless of what he says on the state of the union speeches is that his record is that the middle class is declining and so what joni ernst and republicans have been talking about will talk about is the idea of lowering rates and making a flatter tax code simpler for people. actually raises revenue in this country, puts more money in people's pockets and this is a these are the things that paul ryan and david camp have been talking about for years. we're now as being a party in control of the house and the senate going to be able to lead on these issues. we'll put these bills on the president's desk and i think that is what you're going to be hearing from us. martha: so closing loopholes,
7:04 am
they talk about closing the trust fund loophole specifically. what do you think about that idea? and would you be open to closing loopholes in order to flatten out the tax code? >> look, without getting into too many specifics on policies as chairman of the party but i think, sure, some loopholes can be closed but the reality is, none of that dinging and dunking will change anything about the trajectory of the economy unless you take a serious look at the overall tax code, simplify it, do fairly significant things to the code and do types of things paul ryan has been delivering to the senate the last five years. now he has chance as chairman of ways and means in order to get economy turned around. the president will try to tell people that, americans aren't struggling. the economy is great. we've got the worst labor participation rate since jimmy carter has been president. so he is going to spin tonight tell people that the economy is great. will play a good round of small
7:05 am
ball. will tell people that he is for bipartisanship while he kills things like keystone pipeline the 40-hour work week. so unfortunately, martha, tonight is sort of like groundhog day for us here in washington d.c. no one really thinks that the president is going to follow through on anything that he says. we have six years -- martha: spoke to josh earnest a few hours ago and i said we're open to republican ideas about income inequality to make it more equal. you would say you already presented those ideas, in terms of legislation and new tax reform legislation going through, when do you think we can expect as the american public to see that? >> i think in the next couple of months you're going to see that. keep in mind too martha, and this is a little bit tricky you actually don't need the president's signature to pass a budget in washington d.c. it is one of the few places where the house and the senate can actually pass a budget without the president. i think that would give a lot of
7:06 am
confidence to the american people. so look, i think there is 360 bills that were sitting on harry reid's desk we can pass out of the senate. you can see a few bills every single week hitting the president's desk. we'll see whether or not josh earnest and the president are being honest with us as to whether or not they want to cooperate. >> thank you very much. reince priebus joining us this morning. >> thank you. martha: we'll be watching tonight. bill: for more tonight we turn to bret baier anchor of "special report" at normal duties. extra duties tonight. good morning to you. "fox news" polling. give you a state of the approval or lack thereof right now. top line, you're at 42% right now. the highest was on inauguration january 2009 but just about four months ago you were about 38%. so he has bumped off the bottom. how would you say the white house is approaching this now? >> well, i think the white house feels emboldened because they see and portray an economy that
7:07 am
is bouncing back and starting to click on some cylinders and they believe that the president's job approval rating going up, and in a number of polls is indication of that. i think they're going to try to turn that and use it to their advantage and, as you heard josh earnest on your show you know, turn around and say this is the time to raise taxes on the upper tier and try to put the money into the middle class. that will be a populist message bill, of course one that is not going anywhere in the republican congress. bill: we found this too, job performance on following issues. economy, health care and terrorism. on right-hand side of the screen majority disapprove on the economist. clear majority disapprove on health care and same for terrorism. so where do you brag in a speech like this tonight when you got maybe 30 million watching? >> well, i think it is going to be a focus on the economy a
7:08 am
focus of you know the efforts to get out of the great recession. a focus on looking forward and you know what, the u.s. can look to, to improving jobs and unemployment rate. he will talk about a lot of things that will be in the plus column in the administration's mind. i don't think he is going to spend a ton of time on foreign policy barring a big section probably on cuba and the executive actions he's taken there. there are a lot of holes on foreign policy in the portfolio. i mean you look what is happening in yemen. you look at libya. you look at iran signing a military deal with russia today while we're negotiating over their nuclear deal. you have a lot of question marks on the foreign policy front. i bet this speech will be a lot of domestic. bill: a lot of concern too especially after the events in paris we watched last week. usually folks like yourself go to white house sit down with a little chat and little bit of
7:09 am
breakfast to get a preview there was one on the schedule. it did not happen. is there reason why? >> that was with house speaker boehner. usually we have a breakfast on capitol hill hill. they said it didn't happen today. it was a scheduling deal. still going to the white house. this is annual thing to talk to folks there about heading up, before the speech and how things sit. it is all off the record of course but, it is always interesting. bill: enjoy the food. see you, bret. see you tonight. >> thank you, bill. bill: full coverage and analysis of the president's state of the union address starts at 8:55 eastern time. stick around for post-speech coverage on "the kelly file." two white house hopefuls, senators ted cruz and rand paul, live with the reaction to the president's address tonight. check it out. martha: why do we do this? why do you watch the state of the union address every year? you can blame woodrow wilson. the state of the union is mandated by the constitution was
7:10 am
just a report submitted to congress. that was until 1913 when president wilson decided to make it a big speech. we can thank him for that. speech lasts typically about an hour. shortest state of the union speech was president nixon was in 1972, 28 minutes, 55 seconds. longest, guess who? president clinton went on hour and 28 minutes. always enjoys talking and enjoys a speech. no doubt for folks behind him that had to look interested and engaged. shuffling in your seat not an easy task. bill: we found out over the past 20 years the average audience has been 42 million this. martha: yep. bill: last year you were down to 33 million. martha: big drop. we'll. bill: we'll see how many tune in tonight. we might have 50 million on fox alone. martha: we might. bill: that would be a headline. martha: we'll see what numbers come. bill: so japan's prime minister vowing to save two hostages from
7:11 am
isis. the terror group wants a lot of money. will japan negotiate? general jack keane will answer that. plus this scary scene. watch. martha: boy, that is a rough ride home right there. what police say happened next. bill: i mean really. actor seth rogan trying to walk back comments about "american sniper." friends of chris tile kyle had their comments of own. >> he was born in canada and lives in the united states. my dad isamerican so i've always been an american citizen which is very nice because it has made my life so much easier. seth rogan on behalf of all american veterans who fought for your freedom, you're welcome. ity for an upgrade. sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline...
7:12 am
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7:15 am
bill: black ice blamed for hundreds of car crashes in new jersey on sunday including this one. a heart-stopping crash on camera. watch here now. i mean, where do you go at that point? the driver was filming another accident, when he turned the camera to see that semi. the truck jumped a median, slamming into a car. a few seconds later, another car hit the truck. there all this no one was
7:16 am
seriously hurt. you're thanking stars above if you get through that one. >> for seth rogan to liken this to nazi propaganda is ridiculous because it does show demons all veterans come home, that they carry with them and chris carried them. obviously, like i said, when he made those shots, when he did those things he was doing it to save lives but it also showed the heavy burden that comes with fighting our nation's wars and that's something i think neither michael moore nor chris rogen could every understand. martha: a former navy seal and friend of chris kyle after comments by seth rogan and michael moore ignited debate of "american sniper." it tells the story of a most lethal sniper in u.s. history and personal struggles he came home after he came home. rogen and moore clarified comments.
7:17 am
seth rogen tweeted, "american sniper" reminds me the movie showing in the third act of inglorious bastards which is nazi pop grand today film. michael moore tweeted my uncle was killed in world war ii. we were taught snipers are cowards. they will shoot you in the back. snipers are not heros and invaders are worse. we have kevin jackson the executive director of the black sphere and author of race pimping, the multitrillion dollar business of liberalism. we come to both of you. >> good morning. martha: read the clarifications in a moment. initial reaction kevin first. what do you think? >> well to give credit to jay redmond, the navy seal went through 37 surgeries and fighting for this country and comment about seth, i think he was spot on. the other side it is a little bit of jealously on part of hollywood. this is film made about a true american hero. don't have to be fantasized way hollywood does it.
7:18 am
grosses through the roof and michael moore seth rogen, coming off a film with all the hype, i haven't seen it. i don't think many americans saw it, and michael moore hasn't made a good film ever. there is a bit of hollywood jealousy that comes along with that. >> leslie, what do you think? >> this is 20 minutes from hollywood, this is hollywood film. clint eastwood is part of hollywood and even though republican held such an office. this is hollywood film. made a lot of money. hollywood loves when films make money. >> oh, really? >> look, i've seen the film. i have read the book. this is not about a war. this is about the struggles of a soldier. this particular soldier and quite frankly speaks to as bradley cooper said, the struggle that all soldiers go through. but, soldiers do fight for the freedom, for people like seth rogen and michael moore to say things that may not be palatable to everyone, whether it is you kevin or other military or other navy seals.
7:19 am
that is part of the deal here. they fight for our freedom and first amendment applies to everyone even if they don't agree with it. >> you're act exactly right. martha: responses they tried to clarify and i wonder if they saw the movie in between the first tweet and second tweet. >> seth rogen said i reminded me of something else. just reminded me of the tarantino scene he clarifies. michael moore hmmm, i never tweeted one word about american snipe/chris kyle. i said my uncle killed by sniper in world war ii. only cowards would do that to him, comma others. there is clearly a little bit of backpedaling going on here. it is interesting. there seems to be reluctance to applaud these kind of movies. sort of -- >> that is exactly right. >> feeling it is middle america, the hard land really dig this is kind of movie and hollywood isn't all that comfortable with the success of this movie or "zero dark thirty."
7:20 am
there was discussion about that movie when it came out as well. >> you nailed it. martha: they are not comfortable with this success. >> you're right, martha. that is exactly it. leslie can talk about what hollywood likes. who way likes to make movies and don't like the narrative doesn't fit what they like. when a movie is madly successful, you know what it says? it says america loves the american spirit. america loves heroes. america loves guys like chris kyle because they understand what they go through. michael moore couldn't pass sniper training. would you like michael mud go through navy seal buds? i would. that would be a movie i would watch. martha: leslie final comment. >> again kevin, we have to speak about reality. this was financed by hollywood. this was distributed by hollywood. they want it to succeed. there are always, with, lone survivor with "zero dark thirty," there are people that are antiwar that come out. >> using navy seals and
7:21 am
military. >> this is based in iraq and a lot of people after the fact, look at the polls, did not support the invasion of a sovereign nation. also anti-gown groups will be like that. i'm a liberal. i think -- martha: wait a minute kevin. >> i'm a liberal and think it is excellent film. numerous liberals feel that way, not just inside the hollywood beltway. martha: thank you very much, twice. leslie kevin, good to see you as always. bill: get ready for a trip to havana. a group of u.s. lawmakers with an envoy set to land tomorrow. will this bring democratic reform to the cuban people? why scientists say there mate be a few more planets out there and what it could mean. ♪
7:22 am
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martha: a helicopter crew coming to the rescue of a hiker in the santa monica mountains in los angeles of the 25-year-old woman called for help on her cell phone after hurting her knee. she was in pretty rugged terrain. a paramedic was lowered to check her out and she was airlifted to safety. she is in serious condition. bill: congressional delegation meeting with top cuban officials as a process of normalizing relations begin. democratic senator pat leahy saying this was a long-time coming. >> we changed the very strong and good statement that president obama made the very strong and good statement that president castro made. 52 years of policy was changed overnight. it was a, a remarkable and i
7:26 am
believe long overdue event. bill: so what are we getting for this deal? what are the cubans getting? two guests with ties to cuba will be at the address tonight. american contractor alan gross spent five years in a cuban jail. guest of first lady, michelle obama. rose ma paya daughter of a cuban dissident killed in 2012, the guest of marco rubio. lou dobbs is guest from fox business network. everybody's a guest. good morning to you. leahy also said when he met with the foreign minister, every single issue from trade communications he was open to. he talked about travel back and forth, medical issues, name an issue, he is involved. how about political prisoners? how about democratic reforms of any kind in cuba today? >> nothing nada, zero. the reality is and to hear leahy talk about that with bruno rodriguez, the foreign minister, they're not meeting with raul
7:27 am
castro, they're meeting with a delegation led by the foreign minister. there is a if you will an invisible wall between everything that is happening there and what will be decided later and that means castro will make these decisions and we're going to see just how much thread is spooled out by president obama before at some point, good judgment asserts itself and there become as quid pro quo in this relationship. right now there is zero quid pro quo. and, this is, this is not in my opinion beginning happily. bill: i think you nailed it actually because what we don't know is how castro's regime responds to this american overture. >> right. exactly. and to what degree will they be open? they have not been open in the years before. we do know this, that this is an island with 11 million population. they have got about a
7:28 am
$10,000 per capita gdp. that is about the same as jamaica, for crying out loud. we do know that with successful economic opening to cuba, that number could double, in my opinion, within a matter of a few years. because american tourism will soar into that island. and, as one who spent some time in cuba i will tell you it is magnificent, it is a tourist spot that will upset the entire balance of trade in the caribbean basin. bill: that's very true. 53 political prisoners part of this deal. apparently we were told a week ago they were freed. how many more thousands and thousands are there? >> that is a great question because we just don't know. and what we don't know is what is the president's view here on so many things? he has become the unilateralist. there is another word for that. he is behaving as an authoritarian leader. he is not in the deep traditions
7:29 am
and current of american presidents. he is outside that and he is leading without, without articulation of vision. he is leading without transparency or openness as to what is motivating and what will be his long-term design. and the congress is acquiescing. to watch pat leahy sitting there, supporting this authoritarian, in my opinion, authoritarian on tray into cuba is maddening. bill: the tour continues in havana and there will be something about this tonight and we'll wait to hear how much further he goes. >> you know that's one of the reasons i love state of the union addresses. bill: you do. >> we learn so much don't we? bill: you and 33 million. thank you, lou. see you on fox business. >> you got it. bill: martha? martha: isis released a new hostage video demanding ransom for two japanese men. as we hear reports that 13 boys
7:30 am
were murdered in the street for the crime of watching soccer on television. general jack keane weighs in on the latest show of depravity by the terroist group. bill: the victim of a car crash rescued from unlikely hero. the good samaritan went from protecting his quarterback to saving a human life. >> i'm reflecting on life. here i am the one the most important game of our season and flash, you know, right in front of your eyes, your life of somebody that's in danger.
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
>> so the first suspect to face charges in the paris terror attacks will appear before a judge today. prosecutors say four men are all in their 20's are suspected of having ties to one of the gunman. all three gunmen involved in the assault were killed and no one else has been directly charged with the attack on the charlie hebdo newspaper and a kosher
7:34 am
food store. >> there is apparently new evidence of brutality on behalf of isis. terrorist group releasing another video threatening to murder two japanese hostages unless they get a $200 million ransom. this comes amid reports that 13 teenagers were slaughtered in iraq for watching a soccer game on television. general, former vice chief of the army, chairman for the institute study of war and fox news military analyst good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what do you think the japanese prime minister does at this point? >> i suspect he's probably trying to negotiate with them even though publicly he's taking a different stance. you know we've seen this scene many times before. what is different about it though, this is the first public ransoming isis has done. they've done some in a non public fashion. this is the first callout for money that they've done. >> what would that mean? >> well i think that they're frustrated with the japanese.
7:35 am
they're beginning to fund and support the coalition against the middle east. but we'll see what the prime minister is going to do. we can only speculation. isis, every time they've threatened to kill they've killed. >> wow. with regard to these 13 teens, it is -- if it's proven true it is stunning and apparently there's a group that rock is the town in eastern syria where isis operates from. what is the group for taking 13 teenagers out? >> well isis enforces a medieval version. tv is not a part of that. they were simply watching television. they behead them and they amputate them for very minor offenses. this is the harsh brutality of isis. this is actually the true story. on their social media, bill, they glamourize and romanticize
7:36 am
themselves. this is the downer narrative. what is life like under isis? facts are, if you're living in the islamist state, they don't know how to govern the state. they don't provide any services. garbage is left on the street uncollected. services aren't being provided. utilities, water, electricity is in short supply. the economy is in the tank. inflation is unbelievable. things that cost $10 cost $1.50. all systems are closed including universities. only schools open are the schools that indoctrinate their law. >> if that's all true then, it's just a question of time before the public turns against them. >> the public that is under that harsh rule they hate isis. that is the reality of it. when they see them on the street, they walk away from them. there's no tangible support for them whatsoever. we've got to take this true narrative that we're discussing
7:37 am
here and counter and deglamourize the isis story on social media. this is what the united states and the coalition has got to do because this will impede recruiting. this will thwart some of the self radicalization that's going on in the united states and europe. not all of it but it's a counter narrative. people don't truly understand what isis is doing to other people. >> it's remarkable thaw just said here. thank you. we'll see what the president has to say about it tonight. thank you. >> good talking to you. >> you as well. >> very good to know. new england patriot on his way to the super bowl emerging from sunday's big game as a hero but not for what he did on the field, for what he did on the road. a woman lost control of her car and it rolled over. he stopped and rushed up to the woman's car and then as the trooper held the door open, he reached in and with one hand he lifted her to safety. >> through football and the
7:38 am
course of life, i learned to stay poised in certain situations and i'm pretty sure she was kind of scared. i said don't panic. i'll get you out of here. so we was fine. >> he's a big guy. when vince comes to your rescue you know it. it turns out the woman was also at the game and she may have been celebrating a little bit too much after. the police charged her with drinking and driving and he -- can you imagine? >> i would want that. >> there's vince. ma'am, can i help you out of cart? that would be awesome. thank you very much. >> with one arm. massive. >> go ahead -- good for him. good guy. it's a battle for the middle class, the president claiming he has a plan to take from the rich and give it to the poor. republican freshman congresswoman joins us with her take on that plan. >> tiger woods out cheering for his girlfriend lindsey vaughan. she did very well but did you notice anything about this picture? the tiger. look close.
7:39 am
hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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7:42 am
>> so a toothless tiger showing up at a ski race in italy. he's supporting his girlfriend lindsey vaughan. wood's agent said a news cameraman hit him in the face and knocked out a tooth. vaughan won the super g event record time. she's the most successful woman in alpine skiing world cup history. 63 victories for her. >> amazing. >> fantastic, right? after a tore up of her knee, back out there. tiger has a cool look there. >> more teeth on the scarf that he's wearing or the thing he had to cover his face a skeleton with teeth all over it. do you think there's more to the story? i'm playing the role of hemmer the skeptic. >> i don't. i believe it.
7:43 am
>> we'll see. so the white house is now defending a plan that will raise billions in taxes on americans' wealthiest individuals in order to help the middle class. move likely a centerpiece for the state of the union address which we'll hear tonight. freshman senator ernst expected to lay out a different message during the republican response tonight. her colleague joins us now and it's a pleasure to have you with us. good morning to you. >> how are you martha? >> i'm doing well. thank you. good to have you with us today. >> thank you. >> welcome. so we've heard really the broad outlines of what we expect to hear tonight and it is a multi million dollar increase in taxes that would then be sort of refunneled to people that the administration believes are not being fairly treated in the income equality situation in the country. what do you think about that remedy? >> well, it's redistribution of wealth. i mean understand that these are the job creators. these are the people that gave my father three jobs and in order to make ends meet and so
7:44 am
tax in any form eventually the poor end up paying for it with their jobs. and so we have to ask ourselves, do these policies actually help hard working americans or eventually hurt hard working americans? >> another question that's raised by all of this is whether or not you could give additional benefits like the child tax credit, for example, if you could pay for that by cutting spending which doesn't seem to be crossing the lips of anybody in this conversation. the answer is to tax the rich people in order to pay for it but why no discussion of cutting spending in order to pay for that? >> i wholeheartedly agree. we should be discussing balancing the budget or actually having a budget. we should be discussing the fact that hoping that the president will make good on his promises to work with congress. i know that i'm doing my job, the things that i was sent here to do which is have policies that are out there that are going to actually give more decision making back to the american people, be able to help
7:45 am
them financially keep a little bit more of their money and i'm hoping the president will do his job and actually sign those bills into law. we started talking about those things i believe that we would be doing better as a country. >> he's going to lay down his marker on the middle class tonight and income on equality. what's the response going to be from republicans in the house to this? we had heard there was going to be a bill put on the president's desk every week. we haven't seen that yet. what can we expect? >> i can tell you what we've seen from the house is we've passed the keystone pipeline bill we've done homeland security and defunding the president amnesty bill. we've done a lot to try to refund the president's obamacare laws and we're hoping that that gets through the senate have the senate do their job and have the president do his job and actually sign those bills and i'm just hoping that people will follow what we're doing in the house and we're getting our bills through as quickly as we possibly can. >> what about in the senate?
7:46 am
what's going on over there? >> i hope they move a lot faster than they're saying they're moving. again, the american people have put the senate back in the hands of republicans and i hope that they do their job in terms of getting these things and getting them to the president's desk so that way he can sign them into law. we're doing our job. the american people have sent, have given us not a mandate but an opportunity to get things done and untangle the web that we've been dealing with for the past six years. >> you know, the polls show that americans are not confident in the situation that the state of the union essentially according to the numbers we're looking at and i think that part of that may be coming from a national state of insecurity the fears over what we've seen happen in paris and concerns that something like that could happen here. what do you want to hear from the president on that tonight? what do you think we might hear from joni ernst tonight? >> there's an old saying in law that what was meant to be used
7:47 am
as a shield shall not be used as a sword and the reason why the american public is so upset with what's happening in washington is because the government that was supposed to protect, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness is being used as a sword so again, if we remember whose house we're in if we remember who we work for which is the american people, i believe that we'll be able to get things -- get all of these things that will actually help hard working americans through. i'm just sending a message to everyone in washington right now, remember who you work for. >> and what do you think -- what's the number one thing that you would like to see happen for the middle class in this country to improve the situation they're in? >> cut spending give the americans the control over their health care over their lands, over how they're going to educate their children. let the americans make decisions for their own lives because they're the most qualified for making decisions in their own homes and their own communities and pass a budget. if we can do that in the first
7:48 am
year that would turn -- start turning our country and putting us on the road in the right direction. >> thank you very much. good to have you with us today. >> thank you. >> jenna lee is coming up momentarily. "happening now" comes your way. >> big things for tonight from the president's state of the union address. one of the things we'll talk about is partly what you guys were just talking about on the air, this idea about income and equality. the president is calling for taxes on the wealthy. republicans don't like that. where is the middle ground here? we'll get into that. we'll look at iran. one year later, little has changed since the last state of the union. some say. others say we've made progress. we have a great panel on that. we'll look at the iran problem to see if we have any changes by this time next year. >> thanks. see you then. top of the hour. forget what you learned about the planets. there may be a few more out
7:49 am
there. shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers. visit today.
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7:52 am
>> tens of thousands of ufo files from the u.s. air force are now online for the very first time. air force project blue book reported u.f.o. sightings for 20 years plus until the late 1960's. project identified over 12,000 unidentified flying object sightings, all but roughly 700 of them have been explained but that's 700. a few things you won't find mentions of are the famous u.f.o. sightings in roswell, new mexico. >> could there be more planets in the solar system martha?
7:53 am
some scientists say yes. british and span i can astronomers say there may be at least two more planets hiding behind pluto which doesn't count as a planet, by the way. ripped off. former nasa astronaut and professor of engineering at columbia, good morning to you. what's it matter? >> well if this would be a major discovery if we can find that there actually are more planets in the solar system, it would be a major find. would it affect our daily life? maybe not so much but we have to rewrite a few astronomy books. >> i always thought there were nine planets. i'm wrong now >> when we were kids there was nine. then the controversy a few years ago that they came and said there's eight and now there may be more out there. we keep finding more and more stuff. >> pluto is not living up. listen. how did they go about determining there's another planet out there? how do we find that? >> this is what i find to be
7:54 am
most interesting. as an astronaut, i got to work on hubble but i was like the repair repairman. they look for evidence. they finaled -- find things and don't know why they have the evidence. there's rocks out beyond pluto, way out there in the solar system, that were being disturbed more or less by gravity. there pattern was not as it normally would be. they were just objects floating around. they say something else pulling on them and disturbing the orbit and they don't know what that is so the theory that they have is that there's more planets, really big ones way far away in the solar system. >> it's possible they have not even seen the planets. >> i don't think they have. the only evidence that i'm aware of that i've read about here is that it's a gravitational attraction and one of the ways they would explain this is to say that there's the planets out
7:55 am
there. if you -- with the hubble space telescope, they have the hubble 25 exhibit and they talk about things like gravitational pull. they can look on the lenses where you can see the bending of light. and so the light can actually bend and it can measure the ending of light. what matters around here that's causing that bend? the light? and then they say, well, there's so much matter. they can only recognize a portion of the matter. that's why they come up with dark matter. there's more stuff out there than we can account for. >> or the possibility that it's emitting light, right? or sending light back. it would collect a lot of the sun. >> they don't know what the stuff is so they call it dark matter. there's a hunch it's a planet out there causing this gravitational difference. >> are you going to be okay with this? >> yeah. i think this is cool. what is shows you, you think you know something and you don't. we really don't know what's going on. dark matter, dark energy we
7:56 am
only can recognize like 10% of the energy in the universe. we don't know what the heck is going on out there. >> when you were growing up you memorized planets. what was that again? >> my very educated mother just served us nine pizza pies. each one of those words, that gives you start with mercury, venus, earth right there. we'll have to update that. we have to come up with names, too. i don't know what they're going to do. >> may need more pizza. >> something. thanks for having me. >> i love those things. all right. president obama's sixth state of the union address is only hours away now live to the white house with a preview next.
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>> so the robot are rising and they're ready to dance. 100 mini robots performed a dance routine in tokyo, moving and groving in unison. cost is about $1,500 apiece. if you would like to take one of those cute little guys home.
8:00 am
i think you need a group of them to have the full effect and that's pretty expensive. >> like a platoon. isn't it? hope you can join us tonight in prime time and for the fallout tomorrow. >> look forward to it. have a great day, everybody. see you later. >> president obama set to deliver his sixth annual state of the union address and for the first time in his presidency it will be before a republican controlled congress. won't that be interesting? hello. i'm jon scott. >> there's a first time for everything. i'm jenna lee. welcome to "happening now." during his speech, the president plans to unveil a series of initiatives aimed at income inequality setting the stage for the 2016 presidential election cycle or some say. specifically, the president is calling for tax hikes for the healthiest americans, raising some $320 billion over the next 10 years to


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